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Privacy Law

Whether obtaining information from a governmental body or preventing authorized use and disclosure of personal information Pinto Law is at the forefront of all matters related to privacy law.

The rules and regulations pertaining to privacy law depend on who one is dealing with, whether it’s:

  • Federal, Provincial or Municipal departments or agencies
  • Private For-profit or not-for-profit institutions
  • Private Citizens

Access to Information

Generally most governmental departments and agencies have specific methods for the general public to obtain information. With some exceptions, individuals have a right of access to records that contain personal information about themselves.

Breach of Privacy

Ontario is one of the first Canadian provinces to recognize breach of privacy as a cause of action. This means private individuals are able to seek civil remedies in the event a breach of privacy occurs.

Ontario courts have recognized the following areas where a breach of privacy may result in damages:

  • Intrusion on one’s financial record
  • Intrusion on one’s health records
  • Intrusion on one’s sexual practices and orientation
  • Intrusion pertaining to one’s employment
  • Intrusion into one’s diary or private correspondence

If you have any privacy law related questions, please contact Pinto Law for a free 30 minute consultation by phone. A knowledgeable privacy lawyer from our firm will discuss your legal options and next steps forward.