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Notary and Commission Services

Notary And Commission Services

We are pleased to offer notarial and commissioning services. A Notary has the authority to administer affirmations and oaths, witness signatures and affidavits, certify documents, and more. Notarization is a process by which a Notary Public certifies that a document is a true copy of an original. If you need to obtain a “certified” copy of a document, for example, a Death Certificate, a Last Will and Testament, a Passport or other form of identification, we are here to assist.

We are also pleased to offer services as Commissioners of Oaths and Affidavits in Ontario. Commissioners of Oaths and Affidavits are individuals before whom Oaths and Affidavits can be sworn or affirmed.

We serve clients across Ontario in the following areas including but not limited to:

Notary Services

  • Witnessing Signatures
  • Certifying and Witness Affidavits
  • Statutory Declarations Confirming Identity, Name Changes, Property Ownership Lost and Stolen Passports or Martial Status
  • Certifying a Document as a True Copy
  • Letter of Invitation regarding Applying for a Canadian Visitor’s Visa
  • Permanent Resident Applications
  • Consent to Travel with Child
  • Certifying College/University Diplomas

Commissioners of Oaths Services

  • Commissioning of Oaths
  • Declarations
  • Affidavits
  • Legal Affirmations

Affidavit Services

  • Affidavit of Service
  • Affidavit for Ministry of Transportation
  • Affidavit for Lost Passport
  • Affidavit for Divorce
  • Affidavit for Banking Institutions